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A Monk's Tale                                                                                                                                                   by Muni Natarajan

A Monk’s Tale chronicles the life of Philip Johnson (later named Muni Natarajan) as he meets his spiritual teacher, Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, affectionately known as Gurudeva, and spends 37 years in a monastery, learning and practicing an ancient and traditional system of yoga.


As a story that is true, fascinating and full of much more adventure than one might expect from a monk’s tale, this book provides a candid, behind-the-scenes look at a modern-day yogic lifestyle that is still thriving today within the walls of the first and only fully orthodox Hindu monastery in the West dedicated to the practice of yoga.


A Monk’s Tale is also a story about Gurudeva, beloved Sat Guru and spiritual head of Kauai’s Hindu Monastery, founder of the international Hinduism Today magazine, and winner of the U Thant Peace award in the year 2000.

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Into the I of All: An Ultimate Yoga                                                                                                                  by by Muni Natarajan

Into the I of All is Muni Natarajan's tribute to his teacher, the enlightened yoga master Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, affectionately known as Gurudeva.  Muni trained under Gurudeva for 37 years and this book summarizes much of what he learned.  Described as a yoga manual for living, this book outlines the ancient system of Raja yoga in 108 steps and emphasizes that yoga is more than exercise. Ultimately, it is a philosophy and a path of discovering the essence of one's spiritual Self.  Written for all levels, Into the I of All will appeal to the yoga enthusiast who wishes to explore the mystical aspects of yoga in a deeper way.

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Book Reviews

Into the I of All: An Ultimate Yoga

Book Review by Swami Guhanatha

Both the complete novice and the seasoned yogi will benefit from this book.

"Into the I of All" author, Muni Natarajan, a Western mystic with an eastern soul, who studied and trained under the enlightened yoga master Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, introduces aspirants of yoga to the entirety of yoga in a refreshingly friendly format.

Yoga is more than exercise.  It is a philosophy and path of discovering the essence of one's spiritual Self.  This fact becomes evident in Muni's practical approach in his book where chapters are on aspects of life such as Bliss, Love, Breath, Balance and so forth.  There are 54 of these chapters and each of these chapters are coupled with a chapter on yoga techniques related to discovering, enhancing or, in a few cases, eliminating undesired aspects of living.  The techniques revealed in this book are effective combinations of different practices of yoga such as exercise, breath modulation and different kinds of introspection or meditation to bring about immediate or gradual effects to one's consciousness.

"Into the I of All" is best described as a yoga manual for living.  A cover-to-cover read through this book will be the first thing to do.  Once you know the contents of the book, it will come in handy whenever you need to get to a place in your consciousness or state of being.  Just look up the chapter you need, and follow the steps outlined to get to where or how you want to be.  Thus this will be a very useful book for practicing yogis and others too.  The teachings of yoga are universal and can be applicable to anyone of any creed.  After all, this book is about the I of all.

There are Sanskrit words in this book which are well explained in its glossary.  There are illustrations of yoga poses, most of which should be basic for practicing yogis, though for the novice I would recommend for them to learn these poses from an adept yoga teacher.  A few of the breath modulation techniques (pranayama) also would be best learned under a teacher, though, for the most part, the author has taken the initiative to design and explain, in detail, simple yet effective steps to make the learning auto-tutorials.

Muni Natarajan has been practicing yoga for decades, during which time he served in his master's mission.  He is a yoga master of an ancient order in his own right.  His wisdom from his unbroken practice of yoga is reflected in the practical and friendly approach of this book.  I recommend this for people of all interests and maturity in yoga.  You will find something in it that is valuable and fresh to you.

**This was posted by Swami Guhanatha on the My Hindu Page Online.